AudreyAR Xray App APK Free Download For Android 2023

AudreyAR Xray App and will also provide the download link of this App. let's talk about this Audrey AR Xray Apps in Details, download for Android & Iphone Audrey body scanner apps - audrey x-ray apps

AudreyAR Xray App APK Free Download For Android & iPhone

In this Article, we are going to review the AudreyAR Xray App and will also provide the download link of this App. Now, let’s talk about this AudreyAR Xray App in Detail;

What is AudreyAR Xray App?

AudreyAR Xray  App is a Body Scanner App by which you can see someone through the clothes but this App comes in two different versions. The first one is Fake and the Second one is Real.

Real and Fake Versions: Is AudreyAR Xray App is real or fake? Are you confused?? Let me tell you the secret behind the real and fake. This AudreyAR Xray comes with 2 versions the Fake and the Real one so that no every person can use it for the wrong purpose.

How to see through clothes with a cell phone camera

  • Fake Version: The Fake version of this app doesn’t let you use in real life. The fake version of AudreyAR Xray App comes with their Images from which you can see through the clothes.
  • Real Version: The Real Version of this app allows you to use it in real means you do not need to use it with their images but you can use it in real life to see someone without clothes.

Download: Google Play Store Link

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How to Install AudreyAR Xray in Android:

The AudreyAR Xray App is available for Android users you can install this app from play store or you can just install it by using this link: Install Audrey ar Xray

How to Install this AudreyAR in iOS:

The Audrey AR Xray App is not available for iOS users yet but when it will launch for iOS users you will get to know on our site.

AudreyAR Xray App Images:

The images used in this app for fake version is not real pics, they are animated pictures which you will find on Google by just typing in the search box (AudreyAR Images).

Cloth Remover App for Android X ray App

audreyar xray app apk free download

How to Use AUdreyAR XRay:

After Installing this App, the person you want to see through the clothes must have a picture of that person and then open that picture in your Laptop/PC and raise the camera towards that person.

Features of AudreyAR XRay:

Audrey Xray Apps is fat and you don’t have to face different option while using it, just when you open this App the screen will appear before your eyes no any type of ads or anything and easy to use.

Audreyar Camera Real xray app for android

About AudreyAR Xray:

The developer’s of AudreyAr X-ray Apps is HDProductionsAiaia. You can contact them on Facebook (

Conclusion: The Audrey X-Ray App lets you see through the clothes of the person if you are using the real version. This app can be used to blackmail someone which is not good. In my opinion,n they must have some option by which not every person can use it. Overall my Ratings for this app is 7.5/10.


Yes, it is true Audrey is available on google play store Whatever you can install this app easily with following this link, above all, we have done.

Download: Google Play Store Link

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