How to Use Audreyar Xray App

How to Use Audreyar Xray App

How to Use Audreyar Xray App? it is very simple to use xray camera app, if you have Audrey body scanner camera app then you can scan girls body, how is it possible? let’s Talk About It.

Audreyar How to use Step:

  1. Install This app from google play store. Install Audrey
  2. Open The Audrey Xray App.
  3. Allow All Permissions that app needed.
  4. Select Phone
  5. Choose Gender
  6. Select Age
  7. Choose Camera Megapixel
  8. Select Scanning Place
  9. Click On Start And wait until the app is ready.

How To Install Audrey App:

Audreyar is an x-ray app and you can use it after installation if you haven’t install Audrey Xray app then click this link for download. Audrey Xray App

if you want to download audreyar camera app apk file then download here: Audreyar APK

Audreyar xray app APK Download

Audreyar xray app APK Download

Here is you can download Audreyar xray app apk file with the simple downloading option you need to just follow some steps to download real xray body scanner camera app, Audrey.

Download real audreyar xray app apk file:

Just click on the download link at the end of this article and do some step for getting file and download and save on your phone.

How to install Audreyar Xray app apk:

After you have successful download the audreyar apk file then click on it, and if any permission needed then click on allow button your mobile screen and click on install. and also need to learn how to use xray app.

How to use Audreyar xray app:

If you have done and Successfully install Audrey apk file then it is right for you now you need to some Audrey ar xray app pics that also have on google images just type on,audreyar xray app images and you will see some images of girls in black clothes.

after you have to get images then open your mobile phone and run Audrey xray app and focus your camera on downloaded images our Audrey and get the result. thank you

Download: Click here!